New firmware for Zenith15/Zenith25 Pro

20 March 2017

A new onboard firmware for the GeoMax Zenith15 and Zenith25 Pro GNSS series has been released.

Beside various improvements on the performance and reliability this new firmware was enhanced by incorporating an updated Novatel Measurement Engine firmware and adding the GeoMax Zenith15 and GeoMax Zenith35/35 Pro to the internal antenna management.

Onboard Firmware Improvements

Following improvements have been made for the GeoMax Zenith15/Zenith25 Pro:

• The new GeoMax Zenith15 GNSS added to the inbuilt antenna management
• The new firmware supports now two parallel Bluetooth ports for RTK forwarding and RTK positions for external Android devices
• Minor bug fixes in the new NovAtel Measurement Engine Firmware version 6.515
• Various bug fixes to improve the system stability


Update recommendation

To take advantage of the various improvements and new features, all existing Zenith15 and Zenith25 Pro GNSS receivers should be upgraded to the new receiver firmware version V3.13.


Field Software

X-PAD users must upgrade to the version 3.0.500 to support the new functionalities. For GeoMax FieldGenius users it is recommended to have version or higher.



The new firmware will be installed in production with immediate effect, while receivers on stock will be shipped with the previous firmware version. These units can be updated by downloading the firmware from the website's Partner Area and installed as described in the Installation Guide.

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